Xbow Deck

The xbow is an epic siege-type card that inflicts damage from a distance. The objective of the xbow deck is to connect with an opponent’s tower and protect the xbow for as long as possible!

How to use the xbow deck?

  • Targets : ground
  • Cost : 6 elixirs

The xbow deck is played passively, in the first few seconds of the game you have to cycle low cost elixir cards and determine your opponent’s win condition. Some match-ups are very unfavorable, mainly the golem deck and the royal giant deck ! Against this type of deck it is better to play defensive xbow next to your tower and defend by investing less elixir than your opponent.

Your goal is to lock the xbow on the opponent’s tower, with this deck it will be very difficult to get the three crowns but it has a huge defensive capacity! When you feel ready to deploy the xbow within range of the enemy’s crowned tower, don’t force the sequence and favour situations where you have support troops deployed earlier.

It is recommended that the xbow be set up following a good defensive sequence. You will be able to defend opposing pushes with low cost elixir cards and take advantage of your elixir lead to connect with the princess tower and protect your xbow!

Be careful not to sacrifice one of your towers because your opponent will then be able to deploy troops directly near your xbow which will make it difficult for you to protect your xbow!


                                                         Xbow supported with archers and ice golem


How to counter xbow?

When your opponent plays his xbow, you must react quickly with the following strategies:

  • The best way to counter a xbow deck is to keep your tank in hand until your opponent deploys his xbow at the river. The ideal is to play your tank as close as possible to the xbow. Be careful when playing a pekka deck, it can be easily distracted by skeletons or an ice spirit. Prepare your log or a zap so that you can reach the xbow.
  • A defensive building like a tesla or an inferno tower can take the aggro of the xbow and destroy it quickly. It must be played directly at the bridge as soon as the xbow is deployed. A mortar can also distract and neutralize small defensive troops if deployed in the center.
  • When your opponent plays a defensive xbow (which cannot reach any of your towers), it is better to play a big spell (lightning, poison or fireball) in order to neutralize it more easily.
  • If you play a air deck with a lava hound, you’ll have to neutralize the archers at all costs if it’s a xbow 2.9 deck!
  • If the xbow connects with one of your towers it is always possible to make it reset target with an electro-wizard, a zap or an electro-dragon!
Xbow pump cycle deck


Supporting cards in the xbow deck

Since the appearance of the xbow deck in Clash Royale there have been two variants with different support cards:

  1. The xbow 2.9 with archers that will allow you to defend against air, witches and graveyard. We find in this composition the skeletons at 1 elixir to counter the prince, the bandit or the lumberjack. The ice spirit is very versatile and can chip at the opponent’s tower. The ice golem, a small efficient tank to protect your archers while they inflict DPS or to protect your xbow at the bridge. And finally, the tesla which will help you in your defenses against a hog rider or a tank. Keep in mind that your tesla will be able to support an xbow if it is deployed high enough and if you protect it enough!
  2. The xbow with tornado and ice wizard is based on the synergy between these two cards. The tornado works very well in defense with the ice wizard as it gathers and drives away several opposing troops while your ice wizard slows them down. We also find in this composition the mega-minion, very versatile and more efficient to stop a ballon! Finally in case of emergency you can count on the rocket tornado combo to neutralize a big push from your opponent.
    • Good deck for ladder and tournaments
    • Very good defense : you can play for a tie
    • Very fast card cycle
    • Hard to win after losing a tower
    • Only one win condition
    • Skilled deck: you need to know all the match-ups

    Best xbow decks

    Source : Royale API

    Xbow 2.9 Deck



    Ice golem

    Ice spirit





    Average cost in elixir : 2.9 Code name : xbow 2.9

    This is the most popular version of the xbow deck. This version cycles very fast with an average cost in elixir of 2.9 which allows you to get your xbow in hand very quickly and disturb your opponent’s cycle! Cycle your archers behind your king’s tower at the beginning of the game and watch your opponent’s cards. Deploy your tesla in defense in the middle of your camp in order to lean on its support during a counterattack with the xbow! When you feel that your opponent is in trouble and doesn’t have a good cycle, play your xbow at the bridge and defend it at all costs to connect with the opponent’s tower. If one of your opponent’s towers has less than 700 hit points you can finish it off with logs and fireball by cycling smart!

    Ice wizard xbow Deck

    Ice golem

    Ice wizard







    Average cost in elixir : 3.3 Code name : Icebow

    This deck is based on the synergy of the tornado with the ice wizard. This combo can be used in defense to keep a golem or a ballon and the support troops away from your tower. The ice wizard will be able to splash all these units and slow them down in their progression. In the attack phase, the tornado will allow you to move the opposing troops away from your xbow while giving you time to anticipate your next maneuvers in order to defend your xbow. The rocket can be used in double elixir in order to finish the opponent’s tower: this is the second win condition of the deck. Given the defensive capacity of this composition you will be able to cycle rockets and win the game!

    Xbow collector deck

    Elixir collector

    Giant snowball

    Ice golem






    Average cost in elixir : 3,4 Code name : Xbow pump cycle

    An original and very popular ladder xbow deck! The collector makes its entrance in the xbow composition and can be deployed after a good defensive sequence. It will be able to bait the big opponents spells which will not be able to be used against your xbow! The musketeer combined with the ice golem, the tesla and the skeletons forms a very good defensive combo that will allow you to easily defend and cycle an elixir collector or an xbow depending on your opponent’s cycle.

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