Triple elixir deck

The triple elixir challenge allows you to play unbridled games with very expensive decks. The objective is to mount big attacks that your opponent will not be able to stop. Triple elixir confrontations very often end in three crowns victories!

How the triple elixir challenge works

You start the game with x2 elixir. In other words, the elixir is already flowing and you can be aggressive with your deck. After 1 minute 30 secondes the triple elixir arrives, your elixir bar fills up three times faster than in single elixir!

Under these conditions, expensive elixir decks work better. You have indeed enough elixir to justify expensive decks. If the attack is paramount, it will be necessary also not to neglect the defense. Your opponent should not three crowns you before you do!

In this challenge, control decks like the graveyard deck or the miner deck do not work well. You can’t afford to cheap at your opponent all the way through the game, especially since there is a good chance that the game will end in two or three crowns with the king’s tower activated.

When you run out of hit points on a tower, you don’t have to defend it, your opponent can finish it quickly. Instead, concentrate on the three crowns with a triple elixir deck.

What cards should you use ?

Your triple elixir deck should contain at least one of these four win conditions in order to work:


Lava hound


Giant skeleton

The golem is an interesting option because it is a strong beatdown deck in elixir x2. In triple elixir, you can gather even more troops behind him in order to mount big attacks. He will necessarily be associated with lightning. Indeed, in this game mode you will face heavier decks with cards having more HP. The lightning will allow you to easily make value. Behind the golem, many options are available to you: the night witch, baby dragon, mini pekka…

The lava hound is also a very good option. If your opponent has a ground deck, you can easily defend behind your lava hound with air troops. For example, an inferno dragon can easily eliminate a golem or a pekka. On the other hand, the lava deck is also a beatdown composition. The goal is to mount a big push behind the lava hound. Behind your tank, place a balloon: this push costs 12 elixirs but in triple elixir you can afford it!

Another very good card in a triple elixir deck: the giant skeleton. This card can perform miracles: place it in front of an enemy push and wait for the troops to disappear when the bomb he leaves behind explodes to his death. In attack, the mechanism is the same, if your opponent deploys a lot of elixir to defend, the giant bomb will prevent him from counter-attacking. It might be interesting to use the clone and the night witch in this deck to make it more threatening.

The pekka is also an interesting alternative. It can also defend all ground troops very well with its high DPS (damage per second). You can improvise very heavy decks with the mega knight and the golem. Be careful, however, to have cards to clean goblins and minions. An executioner with a tornado can do very well and will be useful against the lava hound if you face this match-up.

Three crowns victory in triple elixir


Best triple elixir decks

Source : Royale API


Golem triple elixir deck

Baby dragon


Mega minion

Night witch




Mini pekka

Average cost in elixir : 4.4 Code name : Golem night witch

This triple elixir deck is excellent both in attack and defense. In defense, the baby dragon tornado or bomber combo can allow you to quickly eliminate an enemy push with your zone damage. Lightning can also save you if your opponent starts spamming his troops at the bridge. In attack, the golem supported by the night witch remains a timeless combo! You can also take advantage of the mini pekka to eliminate troops with a lot of hit points, such as a pekka or a mega knight who stands in your way.


Lava hound triple elixir deck

Lava hound



Mega minion


Inferno dragon



Average cost in elixir : 4 Code name : Lava balloon

The power of this deck is based on a combo that is very difficult to stop in attack. The balloon behind the lava hound is indeed very difficult to go after defensively unless you have the tornado and the executioner in your hand. On the ground, the tombstone will easily handle a pekka and the rascals will also be able to help you stop a lot of pushes. The inferno dragon will be able to eliminate the enemy tanks. Be careful not to group all your troops in the same spot: you can be sure that your opponent will have lightning in his triple elixir deck. Finally, the arrows are very effective to support your attack. After they got buffed, they can eliminate archers and guards, which makes them a very powerful spell in a lava hound deck.


Golem musketeers triple elixir deck


Baby dragon





Three musketeers


Average cost in elixir : 5.9 Code name : 3M Golem Pekka GY

You don’t dream: the pekka, the golem, the three musketeers and the cemetery are all on the same deck. Once again the tornado will play a key role as it is combined here with the rocket, the baby dragon and the executioner. So you can clean up groups of units in attack and defense. The offensive potential of this deck is huge: you can combine several win conditions at the same time: the golem with the graveyard, the three musketeers with the pekka… Even if the deck is expensive in elixir, you will still be able to make value by using the right card at the right time. However, try to protect the baby dragon and the executioner behind a tank because these are precious triple elixir cards!



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