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Three musketeers deck

The three musketeers are part of the rare card family. When deployed, each musketeer costs 3 elixirs, 1 elixir less than the musketeer played alone. Separating the musketeers behind the king’s tower puts pressure on both opposing lanes.

How to use the 3 musketeers deck

  • Targets : ground and air
  • Cost : 9 elixirs

The three musketeers along with the royal hogs, the zappies and the royal recruits can be deployed on both sides of the arena to put pressure on the two opponent towers. Given the high cost of the card, an elixir collector is often used in the three musketeers deck to consolidate your elixir lead and bait big spells (poison, fireball, lightning and rocket) and play the three musketeers more freely!

The functioning of the three musketeers deck is based on a clever management of your elixir. At the beginning of the game, it is not recommended to play the 3 musketeers. It is instead necessary to try to cycle your collector in order to see what your opponent plays. If he tries a push, you will have to defend with low cost cards and sometimes concede damages. If your opponent opts instead to use a big spell on your collector, then you can split your three musketeers and attack!

The three musketeers have a very good synergy with the battle ram and the miner. These two low cost cards will indeed allow you to tank your musketeers, so that they can inflict the maximum damage to your opponent’s towers.

When your opponent has lost a tower, you can deploy your 3 musketeers directly in the center. If your opponent is not prepared, his tower is vulnerable!


                                                                                  Royal hogs three musketeers

How to counter the 3 musketeers?

The 3 musketeers deck is vulnerable to spells:

  • A quick tornado will bring the three musketeers together on the same lane, making them much more easy to defend
  • fireball or a poison combined with a zap or a log will defeat the three musketeers
  • Lightning and rocket instantly eliminates the targeted musketeers for a +3 positive elixir trade!

The barbarian barrel is also very effective as it inflicts damage and distracts the musketeers for only 2 elixirs!

Generally speaking, units that inflict area damage such as the mega knight or the royal ghost are very efficient against the three musketeers when deployed directly on them. Mortar can also be very troublesome with its ranged area damage.

                                                                              Three musketeers elixir collector

Supporting cards in the 3 musketeers deck

The most used card with the 3 musketeers deck is the elixir collector. The 3Ms being the most expensive card in clash royale, the elixir collector reduces the cost of the deck while baiting the opponents’ big spells. This winning combo makes the deck easier to play!

We also find the healing spell in support of the three musketeers when they have just been hit by a poison or a fireball. The healing spell can surprise your opponent and cancel the effect of his spells when played with the right timing by restoring the health points of your three musketeers!

Are also often found with this deck the battle ram, the miner, the minion horde, the ice golem, royal hogs and giant. The strategy is to protect your musketeers as much as possible in order to inflict maximum damage!

  • Pressure on both lanes
  • Deterrent effect of musketeers in defense
  • Big threatening pushes
  • Vulnerable to big spells
  • No defensive buildings
  • Collector is not in your starting hand

Best 3 musketeers deck

Source : Royale API

Giant 3 musketeers Deck

Battle ram

Elixir collector

Goblin gang



Minion horde

Three Musketeers


Average cost in elixir : 4,5 Code name : Giant 3M Swarm Bait

This deck has two win conditions : the three musketeers and the giant. At the beginning of the game, you should try to deploy the elixir collector as quickly as possible. Defend with low-cost cards: the gang and the bats. When your elixir lead over your opponent is high enough (between 3 and 4 elixirs), deploy the giant behind the king’s tower followed by the three musketeers. If possible add the battle ram in front of your unprotected musketeer and keep your zap in hand to clear out swarm troops such as the skeleton army and goblins. It will be very difficult for your opponent to defend properly on both lanes!

Royal hogs three musketeers deck

Barbarian barrel



Ice golem

Royal ghost

Royal hogs

Three Musketeers


Average cost in elixir : 3,75 Code name : Royal hogs 3M

This three musketeers deck has the particularity of not having a collector! It doesn’t need one because the card cycle is fluid with an average cost of 3.75! The hunter will allow you to defend everything. It is a very versatile card, very effective against tanks (golem, lava hound, giant…) when deployed nearby. Don’t hesitate to use the ice golem to protect him. The barbarian barrel and the zap will allow you to handle log bait. To put your opponent under pressure, deploy the three musketeers on each side and wait until they reach the river to split your royal hogs in front: they will tank them. This dual lane push is devastating, especially if your opponent doesn’t have the right cards in cycle!

Battle ram three musketeers deck


Barbarian hut



Battle ram

Flying machine

Three Musketeers

Barbarian barrel

Average cost in elixir : 4,375 Code name : Battle ram 3 musketeers

This is a control deck. The barbarian’s hut is coming back in force in the current meta because it has a lot of hit points and barbarians are very annoying. Once placed, wait and see what your opponent does. You will be able to easily control his pushes with your bats and the barbarian barrel in defense. If you are full elixir, now is the time to support your barbarians with a flying machine or put pressure on the opposite side with a bandit. In double elixir, it’s time to build a big push by deploying the three musketeers in support behind the hut!

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