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Sparky Deck

The sparky is a legendary card that combines very well with a tank like the giant to build a big push very difficult to stop! He can’t stand being nicknamed a “trash can on wheels”!

How to use the sparky deck

  • Targets : ground
  • Cost : 6 elixirs

The goal of the sparky deck is to build a powerful attack in double elixir to take an opponent’s tower. He is very often found with the giant who protects him from the opposing troops during an attack. Since it takes 11 elixir to deploy the giant with the sparky, a collector is often needed to consolidate your advantage in elixir, it can also attract / bait the opponent’s rocket which will allow you to deploy your sparky behind the king’s tower safely!

The functioning of the sparky deck relies on a good management of your defense in single elixir. You must indeed know how to wait before being able to build your push. It is not advisable to play your giant at the beginning of the game because your opponent can easily overrun you on the opposite lane with fast troops like a hog rider or swarm type units (gang, minions, skeletons…). Defend with small troops and counter-attack by placing a giant in front of the troops used in defense.

The sparky benefits from a very good synergy with the giant. These two cards are indeed very difficult to counter especially if they are supported by spells (zap, log or fireball). With his area damage, the sparky can clear the path of the giant with his blast which charges in 4 seconds, beware however of the air units which you will have to neutralize with your spells! As with the golem deck it will be necessary sometimes to concede damages and not to defend in order to build a devastating push on the opposite lane!


Giant sparky push

How to counter the sparky?

The sparky deck is vulnerable to certain spells:

  • A zap resets his loading time, preventing him from firing on opposing units
  • The rocket eliminates the sparky for 6 elixirs and inflicts significant damage to the princess tower if the sparky is deployed behind the king’s tower
  • The lightning spell resets the sparky and removes almost all his hit points while weakening the two other enemy units nearby with the most hit points
  • The freeze spell totally stops the giant and the sparky which can then be quickly eliminated by a mini-pekka, a lumberjack or a prince.

Generally speaking, units with a reset mechanism such as the electro-wizard and the electro-dragon will block the sparky by preventing him from charging his blast. Swarm type units are also very effective because they encircle the sparky and eliminate him very quickly. You can therefore use skeletons, zappies or the goblin gang to neutralize the sparky if he is not supported by other troops.

Shielded units such as the dark prince and royal recruits are also very effective against the sparky as they can take a blast and reach the sparky to eliminate him.


Goblin giant sparky with spear goblins

Supporting cards in the sparky deck

As mentioned before, the most used card with the sparky is the giant! This is the cheapest tank on ground and offers the sparky optimal coverage. We also find the collector which allows to bait the rocket and to accumulate elixir to build a super-powerful push.

It is also very important to include cheaper troops to defend your towers such as bats, goblins or a mega-minion. Spells are also very important, we often find the zap, arrows and fireball but lightning can also be used to counter an inferno tower but makes the deck very expensive in elixir!

The goblin gang can also wreak havoc when the giant takes the aggro from the opponent’s tower if your opponent doesn’t have a log or barbarian barrel in hand!

Another tip: if your opponent has the electro-wizard in hand, a mini-pekka quickly placed in front of the sparky can overcome it and pave the way for the sparky.

  • Pushes that are very hard to stop
  • Very effective deck in counter-attack
  • Very good deck to get three crowns
  • Very expensive deck
  • Defending can be tought
  • Easy to anticipate

Best sparky decks

Source : Royale API

Giant Sparky Deck



Goblin barrel


Skeleton army

Minion horde



Average cost in elixir : 3,75 Code name : Giant Sparky Horde Bait

One of the most used giant sparky deck in tournament! At the beginning of the game, scan your opponent’s cards and use the horde, the skeleton army and the mega-minion to defend. Take advantage of the remaining troops to counter-attack by placing a giant at the bridge if you have enough elixir. Don’t hesitate to play the goblin barrel if your opponent doesn’t have his log or barbarian barrel in hand, it can wreak havoc if the giant is targeted by the opponent’s tower. In double elixir, it’s time to play your sparky in defense then place a giant in front of him to build a big push with the arrows and the zap to eliminate the swarm type units that will try to surround your sparky.

Goblin Giant Sparky Deck

Spear goblins


Goblin gang

Goblin giant



Minion horde


Average cost in elixir : 3,625 Code name : Goblin Giant Miner Swarm Bait

This time the giant is not in the deck, he is replaced by the goblin giant. The latter will play the same role as the giant with the support of 2 goblins with spears on his back. The composition is more versatile because the win conditions are multiple. At the beginning of the game, you can put pressure on the opponent’s tower with a miner combo + spear goblins or bats. In defense, the goblin gang will be very useful with the horde. Wait for double elixir to counter-attack with the sparky protected by the goblin giant with the zap in support and the miner to cheap at your opponent’s tower.

Pekka Sparky Deck









Average cost in elixir : 4,25 Code name : Pekka Sparky Mortar

This deck combines a spell and cards that have a very good synergy: the tornado with the executioner and the sparky. By gathering all the opposing units in one spot, the tornado maximizes the damages of the executioner and the sparky, who will be able to splash several units at the same time in defense! This deck is very expensive in elixir and does not contain a collector, so you will have to play your win conditions at the right time. Depending on the enemy defense you can put pressure with a mortar or create pressure on both lanes by spliting your zappies and minions. In a counter-attack the P.E.K.K.A and the sparky can wreak havoc and the zap is there to help to get rid of swarm troops that could hinder your progress!


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