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Royal Giant Deck

The Royal Giant is a common card that is very difficult to counter when played with the right timing and the right supporting cards. The Royal Giant deck is primarily a defensive counter-attack deck.

How to use the royal giant deck

  • Targets : buildings and towers
  • Cost : 6 elixirs

The royal giant has the same attack distance as an electro-wizard and only targets opposing buildings and towers such as the golem. The royal giant deck is historically very popular in clash royale. The September 2018 update contributed to its strong comeback in the current meta with an attack buff and a reduction of its range.

There are two ways to play the Royal Giant depending on its area of deployment: at the bridge or behind the king’s tower. If your opponent is behind in elixir or if he doesn’t have his counter cards in hand then it’s a good idea to deploy your Royal Giant directly at the bridge. If, on the other hand, you are full elixir and your opponent is not playing, place your Royal Giant behind the tower and watch what your opponent is playing.

The Royal Giant Deck has only one win condition, so your strategy will be focused on your only offensive resource. The best timing to play the royal giant remains on counter-attack after defending an opponent’s push.

Royal Giant Baby Dragon Push

How to counter the royal giant?

A defensive building does not completely stop the royal giant except for the inferno tower. Be careful to place the inferno tower in an anti-lightning position if your opponent has this spell. The lightning and its reset mechanism is very effective against the inferno dragon and tower, so be careful throughout the game not to place your defending troops too close to each other.

In order to fully counter the royal giant, it will be necessary to combine a building with a tank killer like the mini-pekka, the hunter, the barbarians or a pekka ! The tornado, the zappies and the ice wizard are also very effective because they slow down the royal giant in its progression.

If the Royal Giant connects with your tower you can always make him change his target by placing a building right in front of him to put him out of range.


Royal Giant stopped by an inferno tower

Supporting cards in the royal giant deck

We find in the current meta two very popular cards in the royal giant deck: the lightning spell and the furnace.

Lightning can be used to neutralize troops used in defense by your opponent. It makes it easier for your royal giant to connect with the opponent’s tower. It must be played ideally to reset the sparky, the inferno dragon or the inferno tower. It is also very effective to neutralize defensive buildings. If your opponent makes the slightest mistake in defensive placement, punish him with a well-placed lightning spell.

The Furnace prevents your opponent from playing swarm troops such as the minion horde or the skeleton army to eliminate your royal giant. The log or zap are also very effective to quickly support the royal giant against this type of troops. In defense, the furnace will allow you to counter the hog rider, the ram rider and the royal hogs, which makes it a very versatile card and particularly effective in a royal giant deck.

There are also guards to support the royal giant. They are very effective in defense as they cannot be eliminated by a small enemy spell (except arrows) and can be used as a counter to support your Royal Giant. They will be indispensable against a bridge spam deck to counter the bandit, the pekka or the battle ram!

Finally, the electro-wizard can also be useful in defense againt air units and then provide support to your royal giant!

  • Strong defensive capabilities
  • The royal giant can take a tower in one push
  • Numerous favorable match-ups
  • Struggles against fast cycle
  • Easy to anticipate
  • Countered by tornado + small tank killer

Best royal giant decks

Source : Royale API

Royal Giant Electro-wizard Deck

Baby dragon

Barbarian barrel






Royal Giant

Average cost in elixir : 4 Code Name : RG e-wiz baby D

One of the most popular ladder decks today. This royal giant deck has the most effective support troops to make your win condition shine. Very strong against aerial decks with the baby dragon, the mega-minion as well as the furnace and the electro-wizard. For the ground troops, the barbarian barrel and the guards will be very useful. Prefer the defense in simple elixir and consolidate your elixir lead and wait until you have enough troops in counter-attack to deploy the royal giant. Against a passive player, opt for a deployment of the royal giant behind the king’s tower once you’ve identified your opponent’s deck in order to support your royal giant.

Royal Giant 2.9 cycle Deck

Barbarian barrel


Ice spirit

Ice wizard


Royal Giant



Average cost in elixir : 2,875 Code name : GR ice wizard 2.9

With an average cost of 2,875 elixir this deck cycles very quickly, which is original for a royal giant deck. The strategy here is to defend with as little elixir as possible, relying on the ice wizard and the tornado to stop the big pushs. It will be necessary to be very accurate in the deployment of the defensive troops against hog 2.6 by maximizing elixir exchanges in your favor. Don’t hesitate to punish a large elixir investment on your opponent’s part by deploying a royal giant at the bridge. Here we find the x-bow defense techniques which consist in using the tornado and the ice wizard to neutralize the opponent counters and thus protect the royal giant in his progression.

Royal Giant Mortar Deck


Goblin gang

Giant Snowball




Royal Giant


Average cost in elixir : 3,375 Code name : Mortar RG Bait

This deck has many win conditions and allows to alternate between fast attacks with the miner and the bait (goblins and bats) and RG + mortar push. Because of the great offensive versatility of this deck, you will have to analyze your opponent’s defense in order to choose your win condition. If your opponent has a mini-pekka as well as an inferno tower then it will be wise to attack with the miner. In simple elixir, prefer fast attacks and do not hesitate to punish a large investment in elixir by your opponent. In double elixir, you can deploy the rascals behind the king’s tower and attack from both sides to destabilize the opponent’s defenses.


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