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Ram Rider Deck

The ram rider is a legendary card introduced in Clash Royale on December 21th, 2018 by Supercell. She can be unlocked from Arena 10 and positions herself as a great rival to the hog rider!

How to use the ram rider deck

  • Targets : buildings, ground and air
  • Cost : 5 elixirs

The ram rider is a very versatile card that targets both buildings and enemy troops. By default, she targets the 2 closest units but prefers those that have not yet been hit by her damage. The ram rider has the same number of hit points as a hog rider. However, unlike her cousin, the ram rider uses the same charge mechanism as the battle ram and the prince after she has covered 3.5 tiles!

The ram rider stops the charge of the opponent’s units with her bola (ranged throwing weapon) with a range of 5.5 tiles identical to the electro-wizard. This mechanism will totally counter a balloon, a battle ram or a hog rider that will be immobilized by her throwing weapon! When an opposing unit is hit by her bola, it is immobilized for 2 seconds. A target stopped by this mechanism can’t move but can still continue to attack!

                                                                        Ram rider defending night witch

Like the hog rider, the ram rider can jump over the central river. Be careful however, the ram rider will not target an elixir collector positioned in front of the opponent king’s tower like the hog rider!

The ram rider deck totally counters the witches played alone by preventing them from generating bats / skeletons! The ram rider can also be used to stop a graveyard played alone.

How to counter ram rider ?

The ram rider can be stopped by the following troops:

  • She is completely stopped by a bowler placed in front of your tower or zappies placed on the side.
  • The mega knight resets her charging mechanism with its jump and totally prevents her from connecting with your tower.
  • pekka or mini pekka can stop her but you must absolutely place it close enough to your tower otherwise it will be immobilized by her bola and useless in defense!
  • The electro wizard can also totally counter the ram rider deck when he is placed directly on top of her between the river and your tower. He totally blocks her charging mechanism.
  • The skeleton army and the horde prevent her from reaching your tower, but not the goblin gang or the tombstone. Watch out for the zap!
  • A tornado can also activate your king’s tower. Pay attention to the timing, which must be executed just before connecting with your tower.
  • Defensive buildings such as cannon and mortar work very well against the ram rider deck for a positive elixir trade in your favor!
  • The best way to counter her: by playing a defensive ram rider who will totally block her charge and then counter-attack!
                                          Double lane push with ram rider supported by musketeers and bats

Best ram rider decks

Source : Royale API

Ram rider 2.8 deck



Ice golem

Ice spirit


Ram rider



Average cost in elixir : 2.8 Code name : Ram rider 2.8 Cycle

Just like the 2.6 hog rider deck, this ram rider deck relies on the card cycle speed. Use the ice spirit, cannon, skeletons and ice golem to get the ram rider back in your hand. You will have to keep your musketeer alive as long as possible by protecting her. The Ram Rider will be able to assist you in your defense by stopping the troops played alone and then counterattack! If your opponent has a hard counter in his hand (bowler, mega knight or ram rider!), make sure you cycle faster than him in order to play your ram rider when he doesn’t have his defensive card in hand.

Ram rider freeze deck

Dart goblin


Goblin gang

Ice golem

Mini P.E.K.K.A


Ram rider


Average cost in elixir : 3.25 Code name : Log Bait Freeze

This deck mixes two archetypes : the log bait and the rider + freeze. You thus have two win conditions, which allows you to adapt your strategy according to the opponent’s defenses. The goblin barrel is not present but you can bait the log with the princess, the gang or the dart goblin. You will therefore have embarrassing cards to support the ram rider. The mini-pekka is to be used in defense against the opponent ground tanks (giant, golem or goblin giant) and can surprise your opponent if you play it with a freeze in attack!

Ram rider three musketeers deck


Barbarian hut



Ram rider

Flying machine

Three Musketeers

Barbarian barrel

Average cost in elixir : 4.5 Code name : 3M Bandit Barbarians Ram Rider

This deck is much more expensive in elxir than the previous ones, it is based on the control of the opponent. The barbarian hut is coming back in force in the current meta because it has many hit points and spawns two additional barbarians when destroyed. Once placed, wait and see what your opponent does. You will be able to easily control him with your bats and the barbarian barrel in defense. If you are full elixir, now is the time to support your barbarians with a flying machine or a ram rider or put pressure on the opposite lane with a bandit. In double elixir, it’s time to make the powder talk by deploying the three musketeers in support behind the hut!


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