Princess Deck

The princess is a legendary card that you will find in all log bait decks. She has a long attack range and inflicts area damage to enemy units.

How to use the princess deck

  • Targets : ground and air
  • Cost : 3 elixirs

The princess is first and foremost a passive card. She can be deployed at the beginning of the game behind the king’s tower because it allows you to delay and wait for your opponent. The princess is the only card in the game that can inflict damage to your opponent’s towers by staying out of reach. It is therefore possible to deploy her directly at the bridge in order to inflict damage.

The princess deck is inseparable from the log bait. Since she can be eliminated with a log for a cost of 2 elixirs, it is better to include in the princess deck other cards that will “bait” the log. These include the goblin barrel, the goblin gang, the rascals and the dart goblin! Be careful never to deploy cards that can be eliminated by a log in the same area.

In defense, the princess is very useful against a horde, a skeleton army or witches. Her range allows her to stay out of reach of these troops. If your opponent fails to eliminate her, you can deploy other princesses at the same time and control the entire battle area! The longer she stays in play, the more your elixir lead increases!

The knight also fits very well in a princess deck because he will be able to protect her from ground troops for only 3 of elixir. He has enough hit points to eliminate a miner or a bandit.

Defensive princess

How to counter pincess?

Two spells counter the princess: the log and the giant snowball. The use of the snowball, however, is technical: you have to target behind the princess to push her towards your tower. The log instantly eliminates the princess, but it’s better to preserve it for the goblin barrel!

If you also play a princess deck, you can win the duel with an ice spirit. The ice spirit will absorb shots from your opponent’s princess, leaving the field open for your own princess to eliminate her!

The magical archer totally counters a deployed princess at the bridge and also inflicts significant damage to the opponent’s tower.

The miner can be deployed directly on the princess to eliminate her, however he can be blocked by a knight or a goblin gang. In this case he will have to be used in combination with poison to eliminate the princess.

The match-up against a mortar deck is very hard to win. With its zone damage and long range, the mortar completely neutralizes the princess and the goblin gang. Defensive mortars are particularly effective in neutralizing the bait. In addition, the barbarian barrel is often found in this deck to counter the goblin barrel.

Princess at the bridge

Supporting cards in the princess deck

The most played cards with the princess are the following:

  1. The goblin barrel because it baits your opponent’s log, leaving the field clear for your princess.
  2. The knight or valkyrie, to protect the princess in hand-to-hand combat and eliminate the supporting troops behind a tank on an enemy push.
  3. The goblin gang who will also have the field clear in front of the enemy log.
  4. The inferno tower, indispensable in defense to push back a tank like the golem or the giant or to counter a hog rider as well as the balloon.
  5. The rocket to finish the opponent’s tower in double elixir.
    • Map control with princesses
    • Complete and versatile defense
    • Fast cycle and low average elixir cost
    • No big spell to counter golem or lava hound
    • Hard against two small spells
    • Hard against faster cycles (x-bow 2.9 and hog 2.6)

    Best princess decks

    Source : Royale API

    Log bait princess deck

    Goblin barrel

    Goblin gang

    Ice spirit

    Inferno tower





    Average cost in elixir : 3.25 Code name : Log Bait

    One of the first popular decks in clash royale. With this composition your objective is simple: cheap at the opponent towers with the goblin barrel and the princess. If necessary you can finish the tower in double elixir by cycling rockets. Your defense must be perfect because if you lose a tower, you will have to use the barrel with the opponent’s tower activated, which will complicate your task. Analyze your opponent’s card cycle carefully: if he doesn’t have his log in his hand, don’t hesitate to send your barrel. You can also use the knight to take the aggro from the tower while the barrel devastates the opponent’s tower!

    Prince log bait deck

    Dart goblin

    Goblin barrel

    Goblin gang






    Average cost in elixir : 3.8 Code name : Prince log bait

    This deck is full of cards to bait enemy spells: the dart goblin, the barrel, the rascals, the princess and the goblin gang. More expensive in elixir than the classic log bait, you will be able to mount bigger pushes with the prince and the rascals. You will have to harass your opponent with all the goblins present in the deck. You can also split the rascals behind the king’s tower in order to put pressure on the two opposing towers. Be careful in defense not to concentrate all your troops in the same place: they are vulnerable to poison.

    Princess hog rider Deck


    Hog rider

    Ice golem

    Ice spirit

    Mini P.E.K.K.A




    Average cost in elixir : 3 Code name : Hog 3.0

    With this hog rider deck, you have the hog as a win condition. Its low elixir cost will allow you to cycle quickly and play your hog when your opponent doesn’t have his counter in hand. The ice golem can be placed in front of the hog in order to tank. The bats and the ice spirit will be able to bring an additional support in your pushes. The princess and the mini pekka will have here a defensive role and can be used in counter-attack.

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