Pekka Deck

The pekka is very effective in defense against the golem, giant and the hog rider. Once used in defense, the pekka can be supported to counter-attack effectively.

How to use the pekka deck

  • Targets : ground
  • Cost : 7 elixirs

The pekka is primarily a defensive card. His high cost in elixir deters to play him too quickly. A mismanagement in simple elixir and your opponent will be able to rush on the opposite side if your pekka is not deployed to counter a real threat. So use your pekka only to counter the following cards: the golem, the giant, the hog rider, the ram rider, the mega-knight and the royal giant.

Against single-ground targets, the pekka inflicts considerable damage. It is therefore particularly effective against heavy decks such as the giant double-prince deck. On the other hand the pekka deck suffers against swarm type units such as skeleton army, goblin gang or guards. In counter-attack, a pekka with a lot of hit points and supported by spells can be very difficult to stop.

We find the pekka in many bridge spam decks whose objective is to keep the opponent under pressure by deploying troops directly at the bridge. The pekka is only used as the ultimate counter against tanks. Otherwise it is preferable to deploy fast troops such as the bandit, the battle ram or the royal ghost.


                                                                                            Pekka poison push

How to counter the pekka ?

The pekka is an easy card to manage if you have the right cards in cycle. Here are three effective solutions to prevent him from reaching your towers:

  • You can kite the pekka on the opposite lane with an ice golem. This technique is very effective to isolate the pekka. You just have to deploy your ice golem in front of your king’s tower slightly on the opposite side when the pekka crosses the bridge and the latter will follow him while being targeted by your towers.
  • Submerge the pekka deck with swarm troops like the goblin gang, guards or the skeleton army. The pekka becomes ineffective against many targets because he attacks slowly. In the same way a tombstone alone can completely stop the pekka.
  • Use an inferno dragon or inferno tower. Like all units with a lot of hit points in clash royale, the pekka is vulnerable to the flames of hell! Be careful though because the pekka deck often contains an electro-wizard that you will have to stop in order to block its reset mechanism.
                                                                                    Pekka countering hog rider

Supporting cards in the pekka deck

In order for your pekka to be effective, you’ll have to clear a path for him to reach the opponent’s tower. Spells are very effective, especially poison and zap, which can quickly neutralize the swarm troops that could surround your pekka. With its wide range of action, poison is often found in the pekka deck because it prevents your opponent during its action time from deploying the minion horde, skeletons or goblins …

The electro-wizard is also often found in the pekka deck. He will be useful in defense against air troops like the lava hound and the balloon and will be able to support your pekka in counter-attack against an inferno dragon. The bats and minions also work very well behind the pekka to clear all the troops that get in his way!

  • Good match-up against giant, golem and mega-knight
  • Works perfectly with bridge spam
  • Numerous counter-attacks
  • In trouble againts aerial decks
  • Can be punished against a fast cycle deck
  • The pekka can slow your cycle

Best pekka decks

Source : Royale API

Pekka Bridge Spam Deck


Battle Ram





Royal Ghost


Average cost in elixir : 3,75 Code name: Bandit Ewiz Bridge Spam

One of the most popular pekka bridge spam deck! With its many win conditions, this deck is very difficult to stop. The pekka is not the main card of this deck because he will only be used as a defense against big investments in elixir on the opponent’s side. At the beginning of the game, put pressure on the opponent’s towers with the bandit, the battle ram and the royal ghost. It is important to identify the opponent’s answers in order to play these cards at the right time! The zap will allow the bandit or battle ram to connect by eliminating skeletons or bats quickly. In double elixir you can use the pekka to build a big push by supporting him with poison as he approaches the opponent’s tower. This deck can also be played with magic archer instead of minions.

Pekka Graveyard Deck



Giant Snowball


Ice Golem




Average cost in elixir : 3,75 Code name: Pekka GY

This deck uses poison which combines very well with the graveyard and the pekka. The strategy of this deck is to defend and take advantage of counter-attacking units to launch a graveyard when the pekka or ice golem takes the agro of the opposing tower. The furnace will be able to support your pekka by eliminating the swarm troops with the giant snowball which gains in popularity among pro players because of its stun mechanism which paralyzes the affected units for several seconds. Wait for double elixir to launch a pekka graveyard combo to avoid a devastating counter-attack! Use the poison on the troops used by your opponent to defend the graveyard.

Pekka Magic Archer Deck


Battle Ram

Ice Spirit

Magic Archer


Dart Goblin



Average cost in elixir : 3,5 Code name : Pekka Magic Archer

A more balanced spam bridge composition with the magic archer and the dart goblin in support. This pekka deck aims to put your win condition in the best conditions. With the zap, poison, ice spirit and magic archer, your pekka will be able to progress more easily to the opponent’s tower. Don’t hesitate to place a battle ram on the opposite side to put pressure on both lane. The dart goblin will be able to bait the opponent’s log and thus pave the way for an offensive with the battle ram, which can also be supported by a magic archer. The deck cycles rather quickly with an average elixir cost of 3.5!

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