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Mortar Deck

Mortar is a siege-type common card that inflicts damage by staying out of reach of the opponent’s towers. Just like the x-bow it is played by alternating defensive and offensive phases!

How to use the mortar deck

  • Targets : ground
  • Cost : 4 elixirs

Mortar is a building that can be used in defense as well as in attack. As it costs only 4 elixirs, you take less risk than deploying an x-bow-x with 6 elixirs!

If you decide to attack with your mortar deck, two positions are possible. You can place it directly in front of the opponent’s tower or in the centre of the battle area. However, make sure that your mortar connects with the opponent’s tower. Nothing is more frustrating than placing a mortar that cannot hit the enemy tower!

As you deploy the mortar on your side of the map, your opponent will be forced to deploy troops close to the bridge to block it. Memorize the troops and spells used by your opponent to counter your mortar. Use the mortar in attack when your opponent does not have good cards to counter your mortar in hand. Keep the pressure on as much as possible!

It is very important to defend the mortar effectively. You can use the mortar as a tank: it will take the damage while your troops defend behind it from a distance. If your defensive troops survive, make a quick counter-attack to put your opponent in trouble.

Since mortar inflicts zone damage, it is very effective against log bait decks. It can easily eliminate a princess or a goblin gang. A mortar push + miner on the opponent’s tower will therefore put your opponent in trouble.

In front of a tank like the golem or the royal giant, use the mortar defensively to stop the enemy pushes!

Dual lane push with mortar and rascals

How to counter the mortar?

There are two effective methods in order to counter a mortar deck:

  1. Focus the mortar fire on a tank on the opposite lane. This technique is very effective because you prevent the mortar from connecting with your tower while putting under pressure a tower that your opponent will have to defend. The good deployment will be done in the center placed slightly on the opposite side in front of the king’s tower.
  2. Quickly place a defensive building at the river to eliminate the mortar. Preferably a bomb tower or a reactive tesla that your opponent will not have time to block. However, avoid repeating this maneuver as you become predictable.

Remember, the mortar has a dead zone. If your troops are in it, the mortar will target your tower!

The royal giant remains the most effective card to counter siege-type decks. He can target mortar from a distance and since he only targets buildings he can eliminate it very quickly! If you play a royal giant eeck, keep him in your hand while waiting for your opponent to place the mortar to counter it.

Mortar defended with bats and ice spirit

Supporting cards in the mortar deck

Some of the most played cards in the mortar deck are:

  • The miner because he allows you to orchestrate quick counter-attacks with the troops you used to defend your mortar!
  • The fireball and the log that allow you to react quickly to defend your mortar against swarm units (goblins, minions, skeleton army…).
  • The rascals, ideal for defending a mortar if your opponent does not have a log in hand. They can also be separated behind the king’s tower and put pressure on both of your opponent’s towers.
  • Zap and log bait troops whose goal is to defend the mortar (bats, goblins, skeletons). If your opponent doesn’t have a small spell in hand these troops will have the field clear.
  • Repeated attacks with mortar
  • Significant counter-attack potential
  • Quick card cycle
  • Countered by royal giant
  • Vulnerable to poison
  • You need to know all the match-ups

Best mortar decks

Source : Royale API

Mortar miner deck


Dart goblin

Goblin gang






Average cost in elixir : 3.3 Code name : Mortar miner bait

This mortar deck is regularly found in the top 100 in ladder in clash royale. It is indeed very versatile and has the bait aspect with bats, goblins and rascals to bait the log and the enemy zap. In counter-attack the miner combo + goblins / bats remains very effective and allows you to exert pressure on the two opposing towers. Offensive mortars can be easily defended on your side of the battlefield with the long range of the dart goblin!

Mortar valkyrie deck


Giant snowball







Average cost in elixir : 3.1 Code name : Mortar Valkyrie

Once again we find the miner in that mortar deck. But the real difference here lies in the presence of the valkyrie. With her hit

points, she can easily protect the mortar and take the tower aggro to place a miner on the opponent’s tower. The musketeer will offer you more protection against air and can defend behind the mortar with its long range. The particularity of this deck is also that it has another win condition: the miner + poison combo. Depending on the opponent’s answers, you will be able to insist on the siege or miner aspect of the deck!

Mortar hog rider deck


Giant snowball

Hog rider

Ice spirit





Average cost in elixir : 2.8 Code name : Mortar hog 2.8

Just like the previous mortar deck, this composition has two win conditions: the hog rider and the mortar! Here we find more cards to support the hog with the ice spirit and the giant snowball to slow down/remove the troops used in defense. This mortar deck is very offensive and cycles very fast which allows you to quickly punish your opponent if he spends too much elixir. Above all, you must keep up the pressure with your win conditions in single elixir order to rush your opponent.


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