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Miner Deck

The miner is a versatile legendary card used in many decks. The miner deck is part of the family of control decks whose strategy is to defend and counter-attack quickly with low cost elixir cards.

How to use the miner deck

  • Targets : on ground
  • Cost : 3 elixirs

The miner is, together with the goblin barrel, the graveyard and the spells, part of the family of cards that can be deployed anywhere in the arena. Thanks to his high hit points for a 3 elixirs card, the miner can take the aim of the opposing princess tower when deployed in attack. If he is not stopped, the miner can inflict between 200 and 300 of damage to the princess tower depending on his level. He forms a very powerful combo with the poison because this spell gets rid of troops such as goblins, skeletons or minions preventing your opponent to defend the miner with swarm troops.

The functioning of the miner deck is based on a flawless defense. Since the role of the miner is to chip at the hit points of the opponent’s towers, it is absolutely necessary to defend your own princess towers. That’s why we find in the miner deck very efficient cards in defense such as the electro-wizard, the inferno tower or the knight. If your opponent manages to activate his king’s tower, your miner will inflict way less damage.

The miner has a very good synergy with bats, goblins and minions in counter-attack. It will indeed absorb the damage of the opponent’s tower, protecting the troops crossing the bridge, enabling them to inflict considerable damage if not stopped. Another common use of the miner is to take advantage of a tank like the giant, the mega knight or a PEKKA to send your miner who will not be targeted by the princess tower forcing your opponent to spend more elixir to stop him.

Finally, the miner is also very useful in order to get rid of your opponent’s elixir collectors. For 3 elixirs, he can eliminate a 6 elixir pump, a positive elixir trade! Against an experienced player you can bluff by sending the miner on the tower and the poison on the collector, your opponent will try to defend the collector without blocking the miner.


                                                                                           Miner poison

How to counter miner ?

The tornado is a very effective spell against the miner because it can draw him to the king’s tower to activate it, making your opponent’s task more difficult. However, a good player will send his miner in the safe spot to prevent this scenario. However, during the course of the game, the opponent may have to change the position of his miner, so it’s up to you to take advantage of the situation with the tornado!

The miner may be blocked by ground troops deployed at his drop point. Guards, goblins or skeletons are more likely to block him, but these troops are vulnerable to the poison that often comes with the miner. The best is to anticipate the miner’s position with a ground troop with more hit points, such as a knight or valkyrie. If your opponent systematically deploys his miner at the same spot, you just have to deploy your defensive response on the same tile.

Note that the electro-wizard is very effective against the miner because it forces him to change target thanks to its zap mechanism when he is deployed directly on the miner. It will allow you to block the miner without having to predict his placement.


                                                                                        Miner bats combo

Supporting cards in the miner deck

The most common supporting card used with the miner is poison to such an extent that we speak of the archetype miner poison. Both cards can be deployed simultaneously anywhere in the arena and combine perfectly to systematically inflict damage to the opponent’s tower.

Goblins, bats and minions are also often paired with miner. The miner plays the role of a tank allowing support units to connect with the tower. This combo costs very little in elixir especially since the cards used in defense can join the miner in counter-attack.

The miner is also found in many decks with giant, lava hound or mega-knight. The miner can indeed benefit from the protection of ground or air tanks in order not to be targeted by your opponent’s towers. In this case the win conditions are multiple and you can pick the most effective one against your opponent’s deck.

  • Very fast cycle
  • Can be used in many decks
  • Versatile and good against a lot of match-ups
  • Easy king tower activation with tornado
  • Miner in defense
  • Miner predicts can be annoying

Best miner decks

Source : Royale API

Miner Poison Deck









Average cost in elixir : 3,4 Code name : PEKKA Miner Poison

This deck has two win conditions: the PEKKA and the miner. The PEKKA is a fearsome card in defense against the mega knight, the hog rider and the golem. As a counter-attack if the PEKKA still has a lot of hit points, it can be combined with a miner and bats to create a push that is difficult to defend with poison and zap to get rid of small units. The bandit and goblins allow you to keep a constant pressure on your opponent’s towers. Be careful to follow your opponent’s cycle to use your cards at the right time because this deck is very versatile and the use of some cards is not mandatory! The electro-wizard can be used to defend against air troops and charging troops (princes, battle rams).

Three Musketeers Miner Deck

Battle ram

Elixir collector

Goblin gang

Ice golem


Minion horde

Three Musketeers


Average cost in elixir : 4,25 Code name : 3M Miner Horde Pump

This deck can apply a lot of dual lane pressure. By deploying your musketeers on both sides of the arena behind the king’s tower you put pressure on both lanes. Depending on the opponent’e defensive responses, you will need to emphasize on one lane with many cards in support: the battle ram, the ice golem and the miner to tank the musketeers and the minion horde to be used once your opponent has used his big spell on your musketeers. At the beginning of the game, try to build an elixir advantage with the collector while defending your towers with the goblin gang and the ice golem. In double elixir, this deck becomes even more powerful and difficult to counter with an elixir lead.

Mortar Miner Deck



Goblin gang


Minion horde




Average cost in elixir : 3,5 Code name : Mortar Miner Swarm Bait

This deck is hybrid because it uses a siege type card: the mortar along with the miner as win conditions. The strategy here is to maintain constant pressure with the mortar in the offensive phase which can be protected by the goblin gang, rascals and spells (fireball and log) and with the miner in counter-attack supported by units used in defense. The mortar can also be used in defense to attract hogs and big tanks. The minion horde can also be used in support when your opponent has no spells to quickly kill it (arrows, fireball and poison).

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