Mega Knight Deck

The mega knight is a very versatile legendary card to use in defense and then in counter-attack. The mega knight deck is particularly good against bridge spam and hog decks thanks to the area damage inflicted by the mega knight.

How to use the mega knight deck

  • Targets : on ground
  • Cost : 7 elixirs

The mega knight is a legendary card that causes area damage with a knockback effect on ground units when deployed. When played for the first time, it inflicts fireball-like damage to ground units within its range of action, making it a very effective card for countering bridge spam decks.

The mega knight deck can be used to defend against many units (hogs, royal ghost, bandit) and then initiate a powerful counter-attack thanks to his high hit points. Its mechanism allows him to jump on all ground units within a radius of less than 5 tiles. When the mega knight finishes his jump, he inflicts twice as much damage compared to his normal attacks.

When the mega knight initiates his jump, he can be countered with a log or a tornado to block his mechanism. However, if the mega knight is in the air, his jump can no longer be stopped and it causes a knockback effect on all affected units.

Mega Knight push with ballon

How to counter mega knight ?

The most effective card against the mega knight deck is the pekka. The latter is a perfect opponent for the mega knight because it suffers very little damage and eliminates his opponent in only four moves! The mini pekka, for only four elixirs, also works very well against the mega knight. Make sure to deploy these cards close together (one tile) to avoid additional damage from the jump.


Buildings like the inferno tower or the bomb tower are also very effective against the mega knight deck but it is better to support them with an ice golem or a classic knight to make sure that the mega knight does not reach the tower if he is supported by spells or other troops.


Finally, air troops such as minions, the inferno dragon or bats take care of the mega knight very well because he can’t reach them. However, be careful to block his jump with ground units.


Heavy beatdown with mega knight

Supporting cards in the mega knight deck

Bats and minions can provide efficient support to the mega knight’s deck during a counter-attack. If your opponent doesn’t have a zap or arrows in his deck, he will have a hard time getting rid of these support troops, which will cause him a lot of issues to defend properly.

Spells are also essential to counter the inferno towers / dragons which can very quickly consume the mega knight’s health points. A miner also gives you the possibility to take advantage of the mega knight as a tank chipping at the opponent’s tower while he is not targeted by the princess tower.

  • Strong counter-attacks
  • Knockback effect
  • Prevent your opponent from bridge spamming
  • Weak against PEKKA
  • Can be easily kited to opposite lane
  • Can be punished if deployed in single elixir

Best mega knight decks


Source : Royale API



Mega knight deck with wall breakers



Mega knight


Mini pekka


Wall breakers


Average cost in elixir : 3,3 Code name : Mega knight wall breakers

At the beginning of the game, this deck can put a big pressure on the opponent thanks to the miner + wall breakers combo. Your objective is to identify the small spells (zap, log, snowball) that your opponent has. You can play the wall breakers alone if you know that your opponent no longer has a small spell in hand. Similarly, if goblins or bats survive in defense you can send a miner to tank them. The musketeer will allow you to defend against the air units and you can protect her with a mega knight in double elixir to mount a big push. The mini pekka will be very useful against a golem or a giant, he is present in all the decks of the current meta!


Mega Knight deck with royal hogs




Inferno Dragon

Royal Hogs

Spear Goblins

Mega Knight


Average cost in elixir : 3,875 Code name : Deck Mega Knight dual lane pressure

The strength of this mega knight’s deck is based on the dual lane pressure. The two win conditions are the royal hogs and the mega knight. Slowly prepare your attack by separating the zappies behind the king’s tower and deploying the royal hogs on both sides when the zappies reach the bridge. Fireball, arrows, bats and spear goblins will support your royal hogs. In double elixir, the mega knight can be used for agression and will increase the pressure on your opponent’s towers.


Mega Knight deck with miner


Goblin Gang

Inferno Dragon


Skeleton Barrel

Spear Goblins

Mega Knight


Average cost in elixir : 3,25 Code name : Deck Mega Knight Miner Bait

The miner has a very good synergy with the mega knight. He can indeed take advantage of his role as a tank to chip at your opponent’s princess tower. This bait deck cycles very quickly with a cost of 3.25 but if you don’t need the mega knight in defense then the miner supported by goblins, bats or the skeleton barrel can hurt a lot especially if your opponent doesn’t have a log. The zap allows to support the mega knight in attack against the inferno towers / dragons and bats.

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