Magic archer deck

The magic archer is a ground troop that targets enemy units from a distance. He shoots arrows that pass through the enemies at a very fast rate. His great strength lies in the range of his fire power and his arrows that pierce through anything if you find the right angle!

How to use the magic archer deck

  • Targets : ground and air
  • Cost : 4 elixirs

The magic archer has seen his range reduced in the April 2020 update. He can now hit his target 6 tiles away. However, the range of his arrows remains the same: 11 tiles.

His attack cuts through all affected units. You can therefore inflict damage to all units lined up in his fire with a range of 6 tiles. This feature is particularly useful to target the opponent’s towers. If your opponent places a troop in front of his tower you can hit both at the same time while remaining out of range. It’s all a question of angle: you have to find the most interesting axis to exploit the magic archer deck!

In addition, his arrows inflict area damage. It can therefore also be used in defense in order to counter goblins or minions. His splash damage is less important than that of an executioner or a princess but he shoots at a very fast pace which compensates for his lack of splash.

The magic archer has two main roles:

  1. In defense, he can easily reach the troops behind a tank. He is therefore very effective against a golem deck or a giant.
  2. In attack, he allows you to gradually cheap at the hit points of the opponent’s towers. Each time your opponent places troops in front of his tower, take advantage of his long range to inflict damage! The magic archer can also reach defensive buildings from your side of the arena. This means that he will also be able to support a push in front of a bomb tower or tesla if necessary.


Magic archer aligned with the executioner and the tower


How to counter the magic archer?

When deployed at the bridge, the magic archer can quickly be countered by bats if surrounded. You can also use a knight or a mega-minion. Be careful however not to place them in line with your tower.

When your opponent plays the magic archer passively by deploying him behind his tower you can easily eliminate him with the fireball or poison. Not only do you eliminate a card that costs 4 elixir, but you also inflict damage to your opponent’s tower. However, your opponent may try to bait your spell to play for example his 3 musketeers or his royal hogs. So be careful not to systematically use your spells.

If your opponent uses his magic archer to support a tank by sniping your defensive buildings then place your buildings closer to your towers, out of reach of the magic archer.

The barbarian barrel is also very effective because it can reach the magic archer easily and will be able to eliminate him if your opponent doesn’t defend him.


Miner wall breakers magic archer push


Supporting cards in the magic archer deck

The magic archer can be found in 3 types of decks:

  1. Bridge spam decks where the magic archer can be associated to the pekka or to the ram rider. In this type of composition, the magic archer can be deployed behind your win conditions at the river to put pressure on your opponent.
  2. Control decks where the magic archer will be associated with the miner and the wall breakers. Here your objective is to cheap at the HPs of the opposing towers by tanking the magic archer with a miner or a valkyrie.
  3. Beatdown decks with a tank. We find here the magic archer in support of an elixir golem or a giant. His area damage will allow you to get rid of the spawners and you can take advantage of the tank to protect him.

The tornado is also widely used with the magic archer. It allows you to group enemy units on the opposing tower to take advantage of the angle of fire of the magic archer. This synergy is similar to the executioner’s synergy with the tornado.

  • The very long range of his arrows
  • The very fast rate of fire
  • Easy connection with the enemy tower
  • Vulnerable to spells
  • Can activate the king’s tower
  • His recent nerf kicked him out of the meta

Best magic archer decks

Source : Royale API


Magic archer bridge spam deck


Battle ram


Magic archer



Royal ghost


Average cost in elixir : 3.9 Code name : Pekka Bridge Spam

This is the most popular deck with the magic archer. The purpose of this deck is to exert constant pressure on enemy towers. At the beginning of the game, cycle a bandit or a royal ghost behind your tower and observe the enemy’s defense. Most of the time the magic archer will come to support your pushes to get rid of the spawners. You can therefore support a battle ram with a magic archer by separating them enough to avoid giving spell value to your opponent. Keep your pekka in hand to defend a tank (golem, giants) or against a pekka in a mirror match. Don’t hesitate to find the right angle in attack to scratch the opponent’s tower with the magic archer!


Magic archer royal hogs deck


Heal spirit


Ice golem

Magic archer

Mini pekka

Royal hogs


Average cost in elixir : 3.1 Code name : Royal hogs magic archer

This magic archer deck is part of the new generation. It contains the heal spirit that replaces the old heal spell. This spirit is very interesting when he supports the royal hogs or a mini pekka in attack because he will heal all your troops for only 1 of elixir by throwing himself on the first enemy in range. Beware, however, of the log and the barbarian barrel which can quickly eliminate him. In this deck, the magic archer will first be used in defense before supporting your royal hogs in attack. You can also try to bait a fireball by deploying a magic archer behind the tower, leaving the way clear for the hogs! The mini pekka and the hunter will allow you to take care of all the tanks in the game and you will be able to protect them with an ice golem in counter attack! Finally, the earthquake will make it easier for your hogs to connect with the enemy tower by eliminating buildings quickly.


Magic archer wall breakers deck


Bomb tower


Magic archer




Wall breakers

Average cost in elixir : 2.9 Code name : Magic archer wall breakers miner control

This composition cycles very quickly. With an average cost of 2.9, the objective of this deck is to constantly attack. The most efficient combo is to send the miner behind the tower and the wall breakers at the bridge. This push is very difficult to defend. You can also tank the wall breakerss with the valkyrie or opt for a miner bats attack. Here the magic archer plays a defensive role and can be used in counter-attack. He is joined by the bomb tower which is a very effective building in the current meta especially to defend the elixir golem and his elixir blobs! The arrows will be essential to eliminate the firecracker, the princess or enemy wall breakers!

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