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Lumberjack Deck

The Lumberjack is a legendary card with unique properties in clash royale. Upon his death, he leaves a rage spell, making him an excellent support card that is frequently found in the golem decks or paired with ballon or hog rider.

How to use the lumberjack deck

  • Targets : ground
  • Cost : 4 elixirs

ThelLumberjack is a versatile card that will highlight your win conditions. The rage spell he generates upon his death will indeed boost the units in his radius.

On the other hand, in a composition with a ground tank such as the golem or the giant the lumberjack will be protected. If he reaches the opponent’s tower he can inflict colossal damage because he is very fast and inflicts consequent DPS (damage per second). His high DPS also makes the lumberjack a very good card to counter a ground tank.

The lumberjack can also be used as a defense against a royal ghost, a bandit or battle ram. If he survives, he will be able to serve you in a counter-attack if you play a balloon or hog rider deck using the rage spell to your advantage!


                                                                                      Golem lumberjack push

How to counter lumberjack?

Played alone the lumberjack does not represent a great threat, it can easily be countered by swarm troops (skeleton, goblin gang, minions…).

However, the lumberjack deck can be dangerous if your opponent uses the rage spell on your side. To counter the lumberjack, it will be necessary to get rid of him before he crosses the bridge if not prepare for a push.

In a composition with a tank, the lumberjack will be protected by a unit with many hit points. This type of push can be difficult to defend if you can’t isolate the lumberjack in order to eliminate him. The guards, the mini-pekka or the tombstone will be very useful to you to defend this type of attacks.

If your opponent decides to spam, don’t hesitate to play a heavy spell such as fireball or lightning in order to get rid of the lumberjack and the other troops accompanying him.


                                                                                        Ballon lumberjack push

Supporting cards in the lumberjack deck

Lumberjack decks are legion! They can be grouped into 2 categories:

  • Lumberjack decks with a tank. The most popular being the lumberjack golem deck. In this composition, the lumberjack is used in defense in simple elixir. In double elixir the lumberjack can be played behind the golem and increase tenfold the strength of the push with his rage spell that will affect all the units in support (nightwitch, baby dragon, mega-minion…) and the golem. The strategy is similar behind a giant or with a lava hound.
  • Lumberjack decks with hog or balloon. The rage spell has a very good synergy with the ballon and the hog rider: it facilitates the connection with the opponent’s tower and increases the DPS inflicted by these two cards. In these conditions, the strategy of this second category of lumberjack deck will be to take advantage of the rage spell during your push in order to inflict the most damage possible to your opponent’s towers.

The lumberjack is not a win condition. However, he contributes greatly to the success of your pushes in these two offensive strategies.

  • Numerous synergies with the rage spell
  • Versatile and powerful pushes
  • The lumberjack can never be ignored during counter-attacks
  • Cards cycle can be hard
  • Lumberjack decks are vulnerable to buildings
  • No big spells against spawner decks

Best lumberjack decks

Source : Royale API

Lumberjack Golem Deck

Baby dragon







Barbarian barrel

Average cost in elixir : 4.1 Code name : Golem lumberjack with dragons

This very versatile lumberjack golem deck is based on good defensive management in simple elixir and very solid pushes in double elixir. The guards will be very useful to stop prince, mini-pekka or knight. Combined with the baby dragon and the tornado you will be able to defend everything with the barbarian barrel to neutralize the log bait (goblin barrel, princess, dart goblin). Don’t hesitate to play your tornado to activate your king’s tower with a lone miner or hog rider. In double elixir, you can throw your golem pushes with the electro dragon in support to neutralize the inferno dragon and the inferno tower (two hard counters to the golem). Play the lumberjack behind the golem when your opponent is in trouble and doesn’t have the right ground troops to counter you.

Lumberjack Ballon Deck


Barbarian barrel


Giant Snowball

Ice golem

Ice spirit



Average cost in elixir : 2.9 Code name : Lumberjack Ballon 2.9

Just like the 2.6 hog cycle, the goal of this deck is to cycle your ballon as fast as possible. With an average elixir cost of 2.9 this deck will allow you to play your ballon fast when your opponent doesn’t have the right defensive options in hand. Combine your pushes with an ice golem to take the tower agro and the lumberjack if you have enough elixir! This devastating 3-factor push is very difficult to stop because if your opponent takes down the lumberjack, the rage spell will make it easier for your ballon to connect and conversely by neutralizing the ballon, your opponent will leave the lumberjack alone. The giant snowball will be very useful in defense as well as in attack depending on the situation and you can also play on the versatility of the bats and the ice spirit to keep your opponent under pressure!

Lumberjack Lava Hound Deck

Baby dragon

Barbarian barrel

Flying Machine

Lava Hound





Average cost in elixir : 3.875 Code name : Lumberjack Lava with Dragons

This lava hound deck has the particularity of not including the ballon. Instead we find the flying machine much more versatile and which support the lava very well! This deck can be challenged by ground pushes but you can use the tombstone to defend with the lumberjack and the air troops as reinforcements. The strategy here will be to use the lumberjack with the lava rockets to enrage them and thus amplify their damage. Be careful not to play the hound too quickly, you risk of being countered on the opposite side.


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