Lava hound deck

The lava hound is a flying tank with a lot of hit points. When he explodes, he gives way to 6 lava pups that each inflict as much damage as the lava hound. He combines particularly well with the balloon and the miner in attack.

How to use the lava hound deck

  • Targets : buildings
  • Cost : 7 elixirs

The lava hound is an air tank that only targets buildings with the same number of HP as a mega knight. When the lava hound explodes he gives birth to 6 lava pups who inflict much more damage. Each lava pups inflicts as much damage as the lava hound itself.

Lava pups are similar to the minion horde. However, they attack more slowly.

The lava hound must be deployed behind your tower. He costs almost as much as a golem. So you won’t be able to support him with other troops by aggressively deploying the lava hound at the bridge. This is also why the lava hound deck is more effective in double elixir. It is a beatdown deck that is played in a similar way to the golem deck. In simple elixir, it is better to just defend.

The lava hound himself is not very dangerous but it will tank all the troops used in support which will inflict a lot of damage.

The lava hound deck has always been part of the meta. When you master it you can indeed counter many decks. Air troops are indeed difficult to manage if you don’t have enough anti-air cards.


The miner is tanking for the lava pups

How to counter lava hound?

Alone, the lava hound can be easily countered. The arrows will allow you to instantly eliminate the lava pups. A tesla or an inferno tower can also easily defeat the lava hound.

The real issue will be to neutralize the supporting troops behind the lava hound. The executioner is one of the most effective units against the lava hound deck. He is often associated with the tornado, so you will be able to group all the troops in support with the lava hound and eliminate them with his area damage. The tornado also works very well in defense with the baby dragon and the ice wizard.

The inferno tower is also a good way to counter a lava hound deck. It will very quickly bring down the lava hound’s hit points. However, you’ll have to be careful if your opponent has zap or lightning and protect your inferno by placing it as far away as possible from your tower.


LavaLoon push

Supporting cards in the lava hound deck

The most used card in a lava hound deck is the balloon. Deployed behind the lava hound, the balloon is difficult to reach except with a spell like a rocket. And when the lava explodes, the balloon will serve as a tank for the lava pups. It’s a very difficult offensive combo to stop!

We also find the miner who can tank the lava pups by taking the aggro of the opposing tower. Indeed, when the lava hound explodes, the opposing tower will change target and attack the miner who has enough HP to allow the lava pups to take the tower. The miner is also very useful to eliminate a troop used in defense by your opponent. For example, send the miner on the musketeer or the ice wizard while the lava hound plays his role as a tank.

Among the spells, lightning is very effective in a lava hound deck. It will indeed allow you to neutralize an inferno tower, a musketeer or an electro-dragon quickly. Arrows are also popular in this deck after their buff as they will eliminate archers, minions or any swarm troops used by your opponent in defense. The clone is also useful to multiply the number of lava pups and submerge your opponent.

The tombstone is also very popular in the lava hound deck. It allows indeed to easily counter many ground troops like the pekka, the prince or the bandit. Moreover, it can support the lava hound in attack by producing a constant flow of skeletons tanked by the lava hound.

  • Three crowns win possible
  • Lava pups can inflict a lot of damage
  • Very powerful air attacks in x2 elixir
  • Slow and predictable Deck
  • Hard countered by executioner with tornado
  • The lava hound alone is not a threat

Best lava hound decks

Source : Royale API


Lava hound balloon deck




Lava hound

Mega minion




Average cost in elixir : 4 Code name : LavaLoon

At the beginning of the game, play passively this deck while waiting for your opponent. If you deploy the lava hound in simple elixir you risk being punished by an attack on the opposite lane that you will not be able to defend after this investment in elixir. Just defend and wait for a window of opportunity to use the hound. In double elixir, you will cycle your cards faster. This will allow you to defend while mounting your push behind the lava hound. Place the balloon well glued behind the lava hound to protect it as much as possible. If your opponent doesn’t have anything to defend, you will be able to take his tower very quickly. Your ground defense will be provided by the tombstone and the barbarians. Beware, if your opponent has the fireball in hand does not deploy your barbarians in defense! The fireball and the zap will allow you to quickly eliminate annoying troops such as the electro-wizard or the musketeer.


Lava hound miner deck

Baby dragon

Barbarian barrel


Goblin hut

Lava hound

Mega minion



Average cost in elixir : 4.1 Code name : Lava Miner

The miner combines particularly well with the lava hound. Send him to the opponent’s tower just before the explosion of the lava hound in order to take the aggro from the tower and tank the lava pups. The miner can also help you get rid of the defending troops with the help of the poison. In this lava hound deck, you will find the goblin hut instead of the tombstone. It is stronger and therefore more effective in defense and now leaves room for 3 spear goblins when it is destroyed. With the barbarians, your ground defense is therefore very solid. You also have the barbarian barrel to defend the log bait. Like the LavaLoon deck, this composition is played defensively in single elixir before exploiting its offensive potential in double elixir.


Lava hound clone deck


Baby dragon



Flying machine

Giant snowball

Lava hound


Skeleton army

Average cost in elixir : 3.6 Code name : Lava clone

This deck is built around the clone spell. The idea is to build a very solid push and clone as many units as possible at the same time. By cloning the lumberjack you get an additional rage spell. Similarly, by cloning the lava hound you double the number of lava pups. This deck is made up of many units vulnerable to spells such as the skeleton army and the bats. It will thus be necessary very quickly to memorize the spells of your opponent and not to play your clone as long as you do not have this information. A poison or a tornado can indeed completely put an end to your push. Instead, try to force your opponent to use these spells on other units before you have a chance to clone your push.


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