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Golem Deck

The golem is the most expensive epic card in terms of elixir. The golem deck is part of the beatdown decks family whose strategy is to build big pushes where the golem will play the role of a tank.

How to use the golem deck

  • Targets : buildings and towers
  • Cost : 8 elixirs

The golem is an epic card that only targets defensive buildings (inferno tower, cannon, tesla, bomb tower…), offensive buildings (goblin hut, furnace…) and the opponent’s towers. When his hit points reach 0, he explodes and causes area damage to nearby ground and air units particularly effective against swarm units (skeleton army, goblin gang, minions…). He then splits into two golemites that continue to advance towards the opponent’s towers and buildings.

The golem deck can be used in defense when the golem is positioned in front of your towers to absorb the damage of an opponent’s push and then initiate a powerful counter-attack thanks to its high hit points. It is better to use the golem in double elixir because it is a very expensive card. In single elixir you risk being attacked from the opposite side by your opponent with only 2 elixirs to defend. This rule is to be tempered, however, certain situations can lead you to play the golem early in the game if you have an elixir lead or if your opponent also plays a beatdown deck.

It can be wise to include an elixir collector in your golem deck. This card will allow you to consolidate your elixir lead and better support your golem when he is deployed. It is necessary to know how to be patient with a golem deck at the beginning of the game and to wait for your opponent. If your starting hand is bad, don’t play cards before your opponent does and wait for double elixir.


Golem baby dragon push

How to counter the golem ?

The most effective cards against the golem deck are the inferno dragon, the PEKKA and the inferno tower. These three cards will indeed very quickly bring down the golem’s hit points.

For the inferno dragon / tower, several cards can disrupt your defense. A rocket instantly kills these two cards. The zap and lightning spells as well as the electro wizard reset the heating mechanism. You will have to pay attention to your opponent’s cycle in order to place your defenses at the right time.

The tornado paired with an ice wizard or a building with 3 elixirs to pull the golem (tombstone and cannon) also work very well. Be sure to place the defensive building as far away from the golem as possible to guide it away from your towers.

Supporting cards in the golem deck

Numerous air units can support the golem deck. The baby dragon is very useful because his area damage counters minions, skeletons and goblins used in defense. The mega-minion can also be used to get rid of troops with more hit points. Finally, bats and minions can also be useful but they are less used in this deck.

                                                                               Golem prince facing pekka

Quite often, we also find the night witch in the golem deck because she generates bats continuously disturbing the opponent’s defense. She must be placed a little further back from the golem in order to benefit from his support.

As previously mentioned, many spells can be used with the golem deck. Prefer zap, lightning, poison and rocket spells.

Finally, the archetype double-prince works very well with the golem. It is a very heavy deck with the two princes as support. One inflicts huge damage per second and the other inflicts area damage, this combo is unstoppable! The double-prince deck is part of the beatdown decks family and can also be played with a giant.

  • Big pushes
  • Available from arena 3
  • Synergy with support cards
  • Exposed without proper support
  • Hard to defend against fast cycle
  • You can be punished in single elixir

Best golem decks

Source : Royale API

Deck Golem Night Witch

Baby dragon

Elixir collector




Night witch



Average cost in elixir : 4,25 Code name : Golem Tornado Night Witch

This is one of the most popular beatdown decks in clash royale. The golem will be used to mop up any damage done by the enemy. In support or defense, the lumberjack will assist the golem in his death with his rage spell. The baby dragon will come to neutralize all the small troops like goblins, skeletons and minions. The zap will support your attacks by resetting inferno tower / dragon. The tornado is the technical trump card of the deck by allowing you to activate the king’s tower in defense or by gathering the opposing troops on the golem when you push with the baby dragon to inflict area damage. To support this heavy deck, the elixir collector will allow you to consolidate your attacks if you manage to have an elixir lead.

Deck Golem Double Prince

Baby dragon

Dark prince

Elixir collector






Average cost in elixir : 4,375 Code name : Heavy Golem Double Prince

As in the previous deck we find a rather similar base with the tornado, the baby dragon and the collector. However, the addition of the prince and the dark prince will allow you to deploy a devastating attack if you manage to play them together behind the golem. The synergy between these two cards is such that the opponent will not be able to defend. With his area damage and shield the dark prince will take care of small units when the prince can destroy ground units and buildings with high hit points protected by the golem.

Deck Golem three Musketeers


Battle ram

Elixir collector

Goblin gang


Minion horde

Three Musketeers


Average cost in elixir : 4,875 Code name : Deck Golem 3M

The elixir collector is a must here because the deck is very expensive. With this golem deck you can’t afford to make any mistakes, make sure you defend yourself from the opposing attacks with the goblin gang, the bats and the minion horde while protecting your elixir collector. Here you have two win conditions: the three musketeers and the golem. Depending on your opponent’s deck you can decide not to play the golem or the three musketeers. If you manage to consolidate your elixir lead, you will be able to apply pressure on both sides by spliting your musketeers behind the king’s tower. Use the battle ram in front of the musketeer(s) to protect her/them.

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