Electro Wizard Deck

The electro wizard is a legendary card with unique skills. When deployed, he inflicts zap-like area damage to nearby enemy air and ground units. His attack has the same effect as a zap: it resets charging troops like the prince and changes the target of the unit he hits to the closest one!

How to use the electro wizard deck

  • Targets : ground and air
  • Cost : 4 elixirs

We find the electro wizard in many decks including a tank:

  1. Within the pekka bridge spam deck where his role will be to ensure the defense in simple elixir and support the pekka in counter-attack in front of an inferno tower or dragon.
  2. In combination with the royal giant and the furnace. This deck is a classic and is based on good defense management using the troops in counter-attack behind the royal giant!
  3. We also find the electro wizard with the elixir golem, the new card launched by Supercel in October 2019 where he ensures the defense and supports the tank in counter-attack.

With the mega knight, the electro wizard is the only card that does zone damage when deployed. That’s why its zone of deployment is crucial in order to benefit from its zap effect! For example, he will immediately eliminates bats or skeletons when deployed on them.

His attack can only reach 2 enemies at a time and the damage inflicted is divided by two in this case. The electro wizard works very well in duo with other cards as in a miner deck where he will be able to reset the ennemy tower on the miner and inflicts colossal damage if your opponent doesn’t have a good cycle. His reset function can also be very useful against an inferno tower or a hog rider!

Used wisely, the electro wizard deck will allow you to counter blasting troops like the famous sparky. However, be careful to deploy the electro wizard directly on the sparky and not before at the risk of being vaporized by the sparky! The electro wizard can also stop the charge of the prince and battle ram which can be very useful in defense.

                                                                          Electro wizard resetting sparky

How to counter the electro wizard?

In order to make the electro wizard harmless, it is necessary to know how to isolate him from the troops he supports during a push. If your opponent is mounting a big push with many troops concentrated in the same place with electro wizard then it is wise to use a big spell like fireball, lightning or poison.

The electro wizard can also easily be overwhelmed by swarming troops such as the goblin gang or the skeleton army. Generally speaking, you should always deploy your defense troops directly on the electro wizard to minimize his damage. To prevent him from resetting your inferno tower, simply deploy a knight or a valkyrie directly on him.

                                                                Electro wizard defending against miner

Supporting cards in the electro wizard deck

The electro wizard deck is often associated with the bridge spam because he has been popularized with this variant of deck. We find in this composition the pekka, the poison, the zap, the bandit as well as the battle ram. All these cards benefit from a synergy between them that allows you to defend well while constantly attacking your opponent in order to leave him with little elixir until he can no longer defend!

The electro wizard is a very popular card, so it can be found in many different decks. Each new meta is favorable to him, he can be integrated as well in a miner deck as in a golem deck, so he is one of the most versatile card in Clash Royale!

  • Very versatile card
  • Resets charge and attack
  • Zap effect when deployed
  • A little bit expansive
  • Can be overwhelmed by swarm
  • Dies to big spells

Best electro wizard decks

Source : Royale API

Pekka Electro Wizard Deck




Battle Ram

Electro wizard




Royal Ghost

zap (1)


Average cost in elixir : 3.8 Code name : Pekka Bridge Spam

One of the most popular deck in Clash Royale! The electro wizard is going to play a defensive role here because this deck doesn’t have a lot of cards for defensive purposes especially against air units! Once deployed, he can be supported by a battle ram or a pekka to put pressure on your opponent with zap and poison to get rid of swarm troops (skeleton army, goblin gang, horde…). The royal ghost and the bandit allow you to put pressure on both lane at the same time it will force your opponent to deploy a lot of elxir in defense, limiting the power of his own pushes!

Miner Electro Wizard Control Deck

Electro wizard

Ice spirit

Inferno tower






Average cost in elixir : 3 Code name : Miner Poison Control

This control deck is based on a very fast card cycle with an elixir cost of 3 and a good defense. Here the electro wizard will complete a solid defense with the valkyrie and the inferno tower. The skeletons, the log and the ice spirit are very versatile cards, with a low elixir cost that will allow you to cycle your miner which is the win condition of this deck. In counter-attack if the valkyrie still has hit points, wait until she takes the agro of the opposing tower to send your miner who will inflict more damage! The miner will also be able to tank your skeletons or the electro wizard for a devastating counter-attack. With this electro wizard deck, the main goal is to cheap at your opponent’s towers!

Giant Electro Wizard Deck

Dark Prince

Electro wizard



Mega minion




Average cost in elixir : 3.6 Code name : Giant Double Prince

Another classic deck in Clash Royale: the giant double prince! Combined together behind a giant, the Prince and the Dark Prince can wreak havoc. With his zone damage and shield, the Dark Prince can clear all swarm troops on the ground while the Prince inflicts massive damage on a single target! The giant can be placed in front of an electro wizard or a mega minion that has survived a defense on your side if you have enough elixir. Never play the giant at the beginning of the game, it’s an investment in elixir and your opponent will be able to make you pay for it with a pekka same lane or a hog rider on the opposite side! Instead, wait until you see your opponent’s cards before building a big push.


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