Draft challenge

The draft challenge is a recurring gameplay pattern in Clash Royale, it consists of choosing four cards and receiving four from your opponent. In order to maximize your chances of winning, you must follow a consistent strategy when drawing your cards!

How the draft challenge works

The draft challenge is a recurring mode in Clash Royale. It is playable in clan wars, challenges to win new cards and special events.

During the challenge, each player must choose 4 successive cards. Each time 2 cards are eligible, the one the player chooses joins his hand, the other joins the opponent’s deck.

The four cards must be chosen within 30 seconds. If after the 30 seconds the player has not selected his cards, the cards are dealt randomly.

When the fight begins, each player has in his starting deck the 4 cards he has chosen as well as the 4 cards he has received from his opponent.

A pick between graveyard and inferno dragon

How to pick your cards

The draft challenge changes the rules of the game because by dealing four cards to your opponent, you know half of his deck before the duel begins. In other words, it is very important to remember the cards you have given your opponent. This will allow you to better anticipate his attacks and especially better counter his win conditions.

In order to play your cards right, you have to keep two principles in mind:

  • The synergies between your cards and the cost of your deck. We can’t repeat it enough but a good deck in the draft challenge is a coherent deck. So avoid choosing a lavahound then a golem because your deck will be too heavy. Similarly, choose the cards that best support your win condition. For example, if you choose the 3 musketeers you will have to take all the cards that support your win condition: the battle ram, the elixir collector, the ice golem… Same for spells, a lightning spell works very well with a royal giant or a golem when a zap works better with a hog rider or a prince.
  • How to counter the cards you deal your opponent. This is crucial because a bad draw can cost you a lot. Some win conditions can be very difficult to counter if you don’t have the right cards in your hand. The goblin barrel is a very good example: it can be easily eliminated with the log, the arrows and the barbarian barrel. Never deal this card to your opponent unless you have already drawn one of the three cards mentioned above. The principle to follow is simple: when you give a win condition to your opponent you must ask yourself if you have the necessary cards to counter it. If the draw is for two win conditions, choose the one that you can least counter and that fits best into your deck.
Mega knight draft challenge

Best win conditions

In order to take your opponent’s towers, you will have to draw offensive cards also called win conditions. These cards alone can make all the difference and are real game winners. Below are referenced all the decisive cards that will allow you to win the draft challenge. Always pick the win condition that best fits your deck and never give your opponent a win condition that you can’t counter!


Chevaucheur de cochon

Goblin barrel


Mega Knight

Three musketeers

Royal hogs

Royal Giant

Despite these tips, the draft challenge remains a random challenge where luck intervenes. You may not be able to form a deck that is consistent with the cards that are offered to you. Sometimes your opponent will choose your win conditions for you and your deck will be powerless against his. This is part of the game! However, don’t get demoralized and follow these tips to maximize your chances of winning and remember that your luck is changing!


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