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Clash Royale Chests

Chests in Clash Royale play a crucial role. They will allow you to obtain cards, gold and sometimes gems in order to progress through the game.

The different types of chests in clash royale

Your arena level will influence the type of cards you can get in the Clash Royale Chests. The more trophies you have, the more different chests you will unlock!

You can only have four different chests in your queue. Besides, you can only unlock one chest at a time with varying waiting times.

The scarcity of a chest will play on the number of cards you can earn but also on the time it takes to open it.

                                                                                                Locked chests
The free chest

It is part of the daily gifts obtained every 4 hours.
Its content is similar to the silver chest
with more gold and an increased probability of
getting an epic or legendary card!

The silver chest

It can be obtained every time you win a fight
in 1vs1 in ladder. You have to wait three hours
to get the cards from that chest.

The gold chest

It’s obtained the same way as the silver chest.
However, it contains more cards and more gold.
You have to wait eight hours before you can open it.

The giant chest

This chest also unlocks in 1vs1 combat, but it’s scarcer.
It contains a lot of rare cards and you
have to wait 12 hours before unlocking it.

The magical chest

Even rarer than the giant chest,it unlocks
in a similar way. This chest contains
many rare cards and some epics.
It also unlocks in 12 hours.

The epic chest

This chest is obtained in 1vs1 and has the particularity
of containing exactly 20 epic cards.
You have to wait 12 hours before you can open it.

The legendary chest

Very rare in 1vs1 combat, this chest can
be bought for 500 gems in the shop.
It contains only one legendary random card.
You have to wait 24 hours if you’re going to get it in ladder.

The challenge chest

This chest can only be won by participating
in a classic challenge (10 gems) or a super challenge (100 gems).
The closer you get to 12 wins the more gold and cards you will get.
This chest is instantly unlocked.

The lightning chest

When opened you get 3 cards that you
can replace by another one of the same type
(common, rare, epic…). You have between 2 and 5
strikes depending on your arena level.

The fortune chest

You know in advance what cards you
can get with that chest. The game gives you 4 possible
cards but only 2 are randomly guaranteed.
It costs 750 gems in the shop.

The king’s chest

Available between arenas 1 and 6,
this chest contains a large number of epic cards.

The legendary king’s chest

Available starting from Arena 7, this chest
offers you a succession of draws with a choice
between two cards each time.
It always contains one legendary card.

The clan war chest

At the end of each clan war season,
all the clan members receive a chest according to
their league (bronze, silver, gold or legendary) and
of the best position in the wars they participated in.

The draft chest

You must have at least 4,000 trophies in ladder
in order to get that chest. Each month, at the end of
the league season, the player receives the draft chest.
It works the same as the legendary king’s chest with a
a succession of draws and two choices at the end of each draw.

The mega lightning chest

Probably one of the most prized chest in Clash Royale.
It contains 8 cards in different quantity
that you can replace 8 times. This chest always
a legendary card that you can therefore replace 8 times!

Understanding the chests cycle in clash royale

  1. The cycle for chests obtained in combat 1vs1. You have to picture that on the next 240 chests you will win, you will get 180 silver chests, 52 gold chests as well as 4 giant chests and 4 magic chests. It takes on average a month and a half to obtain the 240 chests without using gems.
  2. The cycle for chests obtained in the quests. In order to unlock these chests, you must obtain a certain number of points by completing various challenges such as giving away cards to your clan mates or winning with an electro wizard deck! Once you have obtained the required points, you unlock the chest and move on to the next one. Each rotation includes 12 chests (5 gold, 2 magical, 2 giant, 1 mega lightning and 1 legendary).
  3. Special chest cycle. This rotation starts when you reach the 400 trophies with the mega lightning chests: you will get 1 every 500 chests! From 1,100 trophies, you get an epic chest and above 2,000 trophies a legendary chest. So if you have followed among the 500 unlocked chests you will get a mega lightning chest, an epic chest and a legendary chest above 2K trophies!

If you already have 4 chests waiting to be unlocked, you can’t win new ones. Your cycle is then blocked: you won’t move on to the next chest by winning a fight.

You can consult the chests that you are going to unlock by going to statsroyale with your player tag!

Chests cycle on

Other practical information on clash royale chests

In general, it is better to unlock silver chests during the day and other chests at night while you sleep! However, if you buy a Royal Pass you can now put a second safe on hold. This function is useful if you take long breaks!

If you want to speed up the opening of your chests in clash royale, you can use 1 gem to gain 10 minutes of waiting time.

You can farm a free chest every 4 hours in the clash royale quests section.

World tournaments allow you to unlock several chests (depending on your number of wins) by paying 500 gems. You can wait until the end of the tournament to unlock the chests: you don’t have to reach 5 defeats!

You can buy royal chests in the shop for gems at any time (250 for a lightning chest, 750 for a fortune chest and 2,500 for a legendary king’s chest) but special offers are often better!

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