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Balloon deck

The balloon is an air unit that only targets buildings. It is primarily an offensive troop that inflicts heavy damage if it manages to reach the opponent’s tower.

How to use the balloon deck

  • Targets : buildings
  • Cost : 5 elixirs

The balloon deck is very powerful but slow. The skeleton in the balloon launches a bomb every 3 seconds when the balloon reaches a building. When it dies, the balloon gives way to a bomb that can reach units on the ground as well as in the air. This bomb can kill archers or goblins within its range.

It is necessary to analyze the opponent’s deck and memorize all the cards he has to counter your balloon. When your opponent doesn’t have a good cycle to handle your balloon, it’s time to take action. For example, if your opponent cycles a electro-wizard, quickly deploy a balloon on the other side if you know he doesn’t have any other good cards to counter the balloon in hand.

Very often we find the balloon behind a tank like the ice golem, the giant or the lava hound. The strategy here is to make the balloon unreachable by the opponent’s buildings and troops.

The balloon can be found in two types of decks:

  1. Fast cycle balloon decks. Just like the hog 2.6, the strategy of this deck is to retrieve the balloon as fast as possible in your hand. The goal is to cycle cards faster than your opponent. This type of deck is cheaper in elixir and includes cards such as the ice golem, skeletons or the miner to come with the balloon.
  2. Balloon beatdown decks. More expensive in elixir this type of deck is more powerful in x2 and x3 elixir. We find here the famous LavaLoon where the lava hound will protect the balloon which will be able to reach the opponent’s tower more easily. We also find the balloon associated with a ground tank like the giant. The goal here is to create super pushes difficult to stop in double elixir.


Balloon fast cycle

How to counter the balloon?

When playing against a balloon deck your priority is to keep your counters to the balloon in hand.

Buildings are naturally effective against the balloon because they can take the damage instead of the tower. Prefer the tesla or the inferno tower. If one of these defensive buildings manages to target the balloon you can easily eliminate it.

Among the spells, the rocket can eliminate a balloon quickly. If your opponent has other troops with his balloon, try to hit them with your rocket. This spell is especially useful if your opponent is gathering his troops behind the lava hound: you can easily eliminate them with the rocket. The giant snowball will also allow you to counter the balloon by pushing it back and slowing down its speed.

Air troops are also to be preferred to counter a balloon. The mega minion and the inferno dragon can eliminate a balloon without support. It is best to place your air units between the balloon and your tower to block it and slow down its speed.

Among the ground troops, archers are a good option. Place them on the side to prevent them from perishing when the bomb left by the balloon explodes. The musketeer and the electro-wizard are also good counters and they have more HPs which makes them difficult for your opponent to eliminate. Finally, you can also use the ram rider to immobilize the balloon and counter-attack quickly.


LavaLoon push in double elixir

Supporting cards in the balloon deck

In all balloon decks, there is a tank to protect the balloon from the opponent’s buildings. In a fast cycle deck, you can choose an ice golem for only 2 elixirs. In a beatdown composition, combine the balloon with the lava hound or the giant in double elixir to build pushes that are difficult to stop.

Among spells, the freeze can be particularly devastating if placed at the right time. When your opponent deploys his troops to inflict DPS on the balloon, use the freeze to block them. Arrows are also very interesting as they will allow you to get rid of the horde and archers quickly. The giant snowball can also support a balloon in attack by repelling opposing units.

If you use a fast cycle balloon deck, choose the miner and the ice spirit to go with your balloon. The miner can tank the balloon or on the contrary be tanked by the balloon. You can also try to block the ground troops used in defense like an electro-wizard by halving his damage with the miner. The ice spirit can be placed behind the ballon to eliminate or slow down the opposing units during your push.

The lumberjack is also an interesting card to play in a balloon deck. Your opponent will have to block both the balloon and the lumberjack. And if the lumberjack is eliminated, it will be followed by a rage spell that will increase the speed of the balloon’s movement and its DPS, making it easier to connect with the opponent’s tower.

  • The balloon inflicts heavy damage
  • You can use the balloon to punish opposite lane
  • Balloon beatdown hard to stop in double elixir
  • The balloon is easily distracted
  • The tornado can activate the king tower
  • A balloon push canb be expansive

Best balloon decks

Source : Royale API


Balloon miner deck



Ice spirit






Average cost in elixir : 3 Code name : Balloon miner valkyrie executioner

This balloon deck is part of the fast cycle family. In attack you can tank the balloon with a valkyrie which has a lot of HPs. But the idea behind this deck is to ensure a clean defense with the tornado + executioner combo. If your executioner survives place a balloon in front of him to protect him and he will support your push. You can also cycle miners in attack together with skeletons. That’s the beauty of this deck: it has two win conditions, the balloon and the miner. So don’t hesitate to finish the opponent’s tower with the miner if there are few HP left. You can also combine the two by sending the miner to the tower to tank the ballon or on the contrary deploy the balloon and then wait for your opponent to deploy ground troops in defense to send the miner.


Lava balloon deck




Lava hound

Mega minion




Average cost in elixir : 4 Code name : LavaLoon

At the beginning of the game, play passively this deck while waiting for your opponent. If you deploy the lava hound in simple elixir you risk being punished by an attack on the opposite side that you will not be able to defend after this investment in elixir. Just defend and wait for a window of opportunity to use the hound. In double elixir, you will cycle your cards faster. This will allow you to defend while mounting your push behind the lava hound. Place the balloon well glued behind the lava hound to protect it as much as possible. If your opponent doesn’t have anything to defend, you will be able to take his tower very quickly. Your ground defense will be provided by the tombstone and the barbarians. Beware, if your opponent has the fireball in hand does not deploy your barbarians in defense! The fireball and the zap will allow you to eliminate annoying troops such as the electro-wizard or the musketeer.


Ballon lumberjack Deck


Barbarian barrel


Giant Snowball

Ice golem

Ice spirit



Average cost in elixir : 2.9 Code name : Ballon 2.9

Just like the 2.6 hog cycle, the goal of this deck is to cycle your ballon as fast as possible. With an average elixir cost of 2.9 this deck will allow you to play your ballon fast when your opponent doesn’t have the right defensive options in hand. Combine your pushes with an ice golem to take the tower agro and the lumberjack if you have enough elixir! This devastating 3-factor push is very difficult to stop because if your opponent takes down the lumberjack, the rage spell will make it easier for your ballon to connect and conversely by neutralizing the ballon, your opponent will leave the lumberjack alone. The giant snowball will be very useful in defense as well as in attack depending on the situation and you can also play on the versatility of the bats and the ice spirit to keep your opponent under pressure!


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