Arena 12 clash royale decks

Arena 12 gives you access to all the cards in Clash Royale. To reach it you need to obtain 3,600 trophies in ladder, an ambitious goal! The challenge now will be to find the right deck for you by raising the level of your cards.

New cards available at arena 12


By entering Arena 12 you unlock the following cards:

Royal delivery

Goblin cage

Battle healer




Royal ghost

Spooky town

Of the 7 new cards available in Arena 12, only one is a win condition. As a reminder, a win condition is a card that will allow you to take down a tower. Your deck is built around this card to maximize your chances of winning. This is the graveyard a legendary card that allows you to deploy 20 skeletons for 10 seconds anywhere on the battlefield.

On the occasion of the fourth anniversary of Clash Royale, a new common card has been introduced: the royal delivery. This is a spell that costs 3 of elixir that causes area damage to ground and air units and pushes them away. At the moment of impact, the parcel leaves room for a royal recruit. This spell can be unlocked from Arena 12 and is used in the current meta associated with the royal hogs and the magic archer.

The battle healer is also a recent card that appeared at the end of 2019. She costs 4 elixirs and heals allied units within her range by attacking. She also heals herself when she is out of combat. She is very much used with the elixir golem and the night witch.


Battle healer behind an elixir golem

The gobelin cage is a defensive building that will draw enemy units to your side of the map. When the cage’s hit points reach 0 a goblin brawler emerges, he is a fast and efficient troop in hand-to-hand combat. You can find this card in beatdown decks with the lava hound, the golem or the goblin giant.

The mirror is an original spell that allows you to replay the card you have just deployed for the cost of an extra elixir. However, the copied card will gain a level according to the level of your mirror. If your mirror spell is maxed out you will be able to deploy cards at level 14! This is the only card in the game that cannot be used at the beginning of the game.

The executioner costs 5 elixir and is considered a defensive card. He is very often joined by the tornado, which allows all enemy units to be grouped together in one spot, maximising his zone damage. He is very effective against beatdown decks like the lava hound and the golem.

Finally, the royal ghost is a legendary card with unique properties. He is invisible when he moves and only materializes to attack! For only 3 elixirs, he puts pressure on the opponent and can be found in bridge spam decks with the pekka and the battle ram.


What archetype should you pick?

These new cards will allow you to complete some effective ladder decks:


  1. The battle healer in support behind the elixir golem
  2. Gobelin cage to control your opponent in a lava hound deck


  1. The graveyard: the best control card around which you will be able to build many decks
  2. The executioner to defend in a hog rider or ballon deck

Brige spam

  1. Battle healer with the battle ram
  2. The royal ghost in a pekka bridge spam deck
Royal ghost invisible

Best arena 12 decks

Source : Royale API


Elixir golem battle healer deck

Barbarian barrel

Battle healer



Elixir golem

Magic archer

Night witch


Average cost in elixir : 3.5 Code name : Elixir golem healer

This deck allows you to build extremely powerful attacks from Arena 12. Indeed, the elixir golem costs only 3 elixir and can tank a battle healer or a night witch that you have just used in defense. The synergy between the healer and the elixir golem allows all the support troops to stay alive! If your opponent is unable to isolate the healer, she will keep the push alive. The earthquake will allow you to get rid of the buildings quickly and the magic archer and electro dragon will be able to eliminate skeletons or minions on the way. Be careful however not to force the elixir golem because at his death he gives 4 elixir to your opponent which can lead to counter difficult to defend.


Graveyard baby dragon deck

Baby dragon

Barbarian barrel

Bomb tower


Ice wizard




Average cost in elixir : 3.5 Code name : Graveyard ice wiz tornado


One of the most used decks from Arena 12! This composition relies above all on a very good defense with the bomb tower to counter the enemy tanks. In addition we find the tornado which combines very well with the zone damages of the ice wizard and the baby dragon. You can also use it against several troops to activate your king’s tower. In counter-attack, wait until the knight or baby dragon crosses the bridge to launch your graveyard two squares to the right of the centre from your viewpoint. This deck allows you to control the game by intelligently defending and counter-attacking with the graveyard.



Royal hogs deck



Ice golem

Magic archer

Mini pekka

Royal delivery

Royal hogs


Average cost in elixir : 3.3 Code name : Royal hogs hunter

This deck incorporates Supercell’s new card: the royal delivery. From Arena 12 you can play this very versatile composition. The royal hogs can be deployed on both sides or on a single tower. The earthquake makes it easier to get rid of an enemy building and thus connect with your hogs. In support the magic archer can wreak havoc by targeting troops deployed in defense and hitting the tower at the same time. Your defense will be provided by the hunter and the mini pekka which inflict a lot of DPS allowing you to get rid of tanks. The royal delivery is very effective in defense as it makes all the units it hits, including the air troops on your side of the map, retreat!

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