Arena 11 clash royale decks

The arena 11 gives you access to 93% of the cards available in Clash Royale. To reach it you need to obtain 3,300 trophies during the ladder season, it is located just after the hog mountain (arena 10).

New cards available at arena 11

By entering Arena 11 you unlock the following cards:


Elixir golem






Electric valley

Among the 7 new cards available in Arena 11, there are two win conditions: the elixir golem and the sparky. As a reminder, a win condition is a card that will allow you to take an enemy tower. Your deck is built around this card in order to maximize your chances of winning.

The elixir golem is a very powerful tank that costs only 3 elixir. On the other hand, he must be deployed with great care and planning because he gives 4 elixirs to your opponent when it is completely destroyed. It is the only card in the game that has 3 forms of divisions to give a total of 6 units (the golem, the two golemites and the four elixir balls).

The sparky is a support card that combines very well with the giant. His blast allows him to pulverize enemy troops quickly. It takes 4 seconds to recharge after each shot. You can use him in defense to clear a big enemy push and then counter-attack by placing a giant in front of him to protect him.

The tesla is a defensive building that can target both ground and air units. In order to be activated, a troop must be within its range or it remains underground. It cannot suffer any spell damage except for the earthquake which can hit it even if it is underground! We find it essentially in the x-bow decks in order to ensure the defense.

The zappies are actually 3 small sparky that need a charging time before they can attack. They can stop the charge of a unit like the prince or the battle ram with the same reset mechanism as the electro-wizard. They will also be able to neutralize an inferno dragon or an inferno tower.

The clone spell allows you to copy all troops within a radius of 3 squares. The clones will have the same attack points as the original but only 1 hit point which makes them very weak! In addition, the clone spell keeps the special bonuses of some troops: the giant skeleton’s bomb will also be in play when the clone dies. This spell does not work on buildings.

Lava hound clone


The Electro-wizard is a very versatile card used mainly in defense. His reset mechanism is identical to that of the zappies and allows him to stop a ballon, a battle ram or an inferno dragon. In counter-attack, place a tank in front of him to put your opponent in trouble. He can attack with both hands, concentrating 100% of his damage on one target or 50% of his damage on two targets. When deployed, he inflicts the same zone damage as the zap.

The electro-dragon has the same properties as the electro-wizard except that he is an aerial troop. He inflicts chain damage to the 3 closest targets and is often found with the elixir golem and the giant.


What archetype should you pick?

These new cards will allow you to complete some effective ladder decks:


  1. The tesla in an x-bow 2.9 deck or with ice wizard / rocket


  1. The sparky behind a giant or a goblin giant
  2. The elixir golem with the electro-dragon and magic archer
  3. The clone spell in a lava hound or golem deck in order to multiply the golemites or lava pups.

Bridge spam

  1. The electro-wizard in a pekka bridge spam deck
  2. The zappies in a royal hogs deck with dual lane pressure
Zappies supporting royal hogs


Best arena 11 decks

Source : Royale API


Elixir golem barbarian hut deck

Barbarian barrel

Battle healer


Electro dragon

Elixir golem

Baby dragon

Barbarian hut


Average cost in elixir : 3.5 Code name : Elixir golem healer

This deck allows you to build extremely powerful attacks from Arena 11 in Clash Royale. After its buff, the barbarian’s hut is extremely powerful and can be found everywhere in the current meta. It allows you to control your opponent by defending all types of pushes. When it is destroyed, the hut gives way to two barbarians, which is very annoying for your opponent. The elixir golem should only be deployed when you are sure that you can build a big attack that cannot be defended. The battle healer and the electro-dragon coupled with the tornado are very effective to make your way to your opponent’s tower!


Sparky giant deck





Skeleton army

Mini pekka


zap (1)


Average cost in elixir : 3.6 Code name : Giant sparky mini-pekka

This sparky deck must time delay in simple elixir and put the pressure in double. Use the sparky to defend big pushes from the opponent and place a giant in front of him on counter-attack. The mini-pekka will allow you to pre-shot an electro-wizard if your opponent tries to reset your sparky. The bats will complicate your opponent’s defense with the musketeer in support if needed. The arrows and the zap will get rid of goblins or skeletons that could disturb your sparky.


Lava hound clone deck

Baby dragon



Flying machine

Giant snowball

Lave hound


Skeleton army

Average cost in elixir : 3.6 Code name : Lava clone

This deck is a lot of fun to play! The clone spell combines particularly well with the lava hound and the lumberjack. The Lumberjack clone leaves an extra rage spell when he dies and the lava hound clone leaves room for 1 HP lava pups. The idea behind the deck is to build a big attack and clone as many troops as possible at the same time in order to outflank the opposing defense. Be careful however not to clone if your opponent has a tornado or poison in hand: all copied units would be instantly destroyed.

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